MS in US

All over the world students who wish to pursue higher education cram their way out of this enormous process of Master’s in the State.

My personal experience was, I wasn’t much aware of all the confusion one has to go through this entire preparing till applying process. Well, hold on there, it doesn’t end at the application, you have many many other formalities before you really land at your dream university.

I am an average student, with decent academics and a decent extra curricular. Like all the dreamers who wish to succeed and are ambitious about their future, I wanted to study in a big University like, MIT, Stanford and Caltech. At that instance, you are very naive to understand that getting into these colleges is NOT AT ALL EASY. There are many reasons for this, like, high tuition fees, low acceptance rate, high GRE, high acads, at least 2  international papers, and the list goes on.

I was then stuck by this other question of which country to apply to, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada. I was mostly in a dilemma between USA and Germany, while I narrowed it down to USA. Going to USA is NOT easy, but living their is comparatively easier, not that hostile.

Next comes the Preparing GRE stage……………………………………………………………………….. and it never ends.

There are hundreds of on-line resources available on how to crack GRE, score 320+ in one month, etc, etc. I say, bullshit. Your GRE is 99% on your luck, if the day was lucky, you sail through it. Else, pay $190 and retry till you cross a 300 score.

I will be soon posting a post on preparing GRE and the study material and references, do go through it once.

Then is the most difficult task of Selecting your colleges. This confusion has been very lucrative for the counselling firms, they charge $200 to

  1. Help YOU decide YOUR dream college
  2. Write YOUR Statement of purpose
  3. Write YOUR lors
  4. Fill YOUR application
  5. Prepare YOU for YOUR visa interview.

Students don’t realise that the entire application process revolves around YOU and not THEM. They merely guide you and confirm your admit. But, ask your friends how many counsellors have ever got students get admitted into ambitious colleges?
I say NONE.

They make you apply to very safe colleges, where you will get a scholarship as well, and that’s their business model.

I am writing this blog to help students like me, in simplifying the entire application process. You don’t need to pay hefty amounts for your counselling.

Guys, keep up with the blog, the super cheap counselling site is on !!

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